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winter activities around the Martlerhof

Through snow-covered winter landscapes - in between a stop in rustic alpine huts and inns. Enjoy the peace and nature of our mountains!

Cross-country skiing brings movement to life! Cross-country skiing is the healthiest winter sport. Cross-country skiing requires the entire musculoskeletal system and you can enjoy the beautiful winter landscape. In Aschau you will find enough cross-country ski trails with a total length of 30 kilometers.


Tobogganing is a real alternative to alpine skiing for those who do not want to crowd the lifts and crowded slopes. Once more popular with children, tobogganing is now very much in vogue among old and young! Gerlosstein is the longest natural toboggan run in the Zillertal! Also recommended is the natural toboggan run (illuminated at night) in Fügen at the Goglhof. With a length of about 3.5 km, this is also good to walk on foot - stop for a breather with pure magic on the Goglhof!

We can still experience romance in a snow-covered winter landscape on a horse-drawn carriage ride. We gladly book for you!

winter activities in Zillertal

Time for relaxation?

Is it cold and uncomfortable outside or do you just want to relax?
The thermal bath Zillertal is then just the right place to go and offers various saunas, massage treatments, steam baths, brine pool and indoor pool experience with slides. From the Martlerhof it is only 8 km to the adventure thermal bath Zillertal in Fügen.

Anni´s Tipps

Unser Pool ist fit für die Sommersaison!

- der Badespaß direkt am Hof - [more]


Neuigkeiten vom Martlerhof

Gerade haben die letzten Skiurlauber unseren Hof verlassen, so sind wir auch schon mit ein paar Neuerungen beschäftigt.[more]


Saisonstart am 11. Mai 2019

Nach Ostern gönnen wir uns eine kurze Verschnaufpause und starten am 11. Mai 2019 in die Sommersaison! Wir freuen uns auf euch! Telefonisch & per Mail sind wir natürlich jederzeit erreichbar: +43 5282 2815 oder


Frühling am Martlerhof

Frühling... ein immer wiederkehrendes Naturschauspiel![more]