Our house

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House chronicle

The management:

We are a farm with dairy cattles and we also raise calves.

Also on the farm: the Ponies Trixie & Sissy, 2 goats, cats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and our Australian Shepherd dog Ayka. Our cows spend the summer at the farm, the jung cows come to the alp in June, in winter the animals are fed in the stable with good, healthy hay from our meadows. We do not use silage for our animals, but only fresh hay as well as grass and cultivated maize (in autumn).

Of course, our guest children, but also the parents are gladly seen in the stable  and can help with the daily stabling work! (Feed hay, watch milking, feed chickens & goats, etc.) or even experience the birth of a calf!

How it all began...

At the Martlerhof the renting startet in the early 1960s with cold- and hot water rooms and mainly during the summer months. The guests stayed for 3 weeks on the farm.

Since then, a lot has changed: we now rent 4 comfortable apartments as well as 1 extra double room to our guests.

For 25 years we have been a member of the organization "Urlaub am Bauernhof", since more than 10 years we are now a certified "farm for babys and children".

Anni´s Tipps

Fichtenschloss in der Zillertal-Arena

Eine Sommer-Kinder-Erlebniswelt erwartet Sie auf der Rosenalm oberhalb von Zell am Ziller.[more]


Auf Regen folgt Sonne...

Ab 29. Mai starten wir in die Sommersaison, freie Zeiträume für Juli und August finden Sie unter dem Register "Freimeldungen".[more]


Frühling am Martlerhof

Frühling... ein immer wiederkehrendes Naturschauspiel![more]